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discoering cells

In 1665 some Cells on a sliver of a cork where discovered by the English physicist Robert Hooke through a microscope, he believed that cells had served as structure for the now dead cork tree. The cells he discovered he thought that the cells were only existed in plants, since he and his scientific comrades had observed the structure of a plant.

Info found at http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blroberthooke.htm


What I learned about… Antacitica

  1. Antarctica is dedicated to science, science is used there to find out how healthy the plant is. The scientists are trying to help Antarctica from global warming because “it’s unlike any other place on Earth.”
    • Global Warming; most people can’t live with out electricity, but most of the ways we produce electricity puts carbon into the air so the less you use the more you save Antarctica!!
    • Tourists; they can be ok but some times they drop rubbish and that can kill animals! 🙁